Dennis Curtis

Dennis Curtis, owner of curtisWorks, began his communications career in 1978 as an Outside Plant Engineer at New England Telephone, now Verizon.  His experience there encompassed the entire spectrum of Outside Plant projects…from copper cable to fiber optics, pole lines to underground conduit, electronics systems to survivable fiber rings, T-1s to DSL, highway reconstruction to railroad borings.

Some outside plant projects today require structure space licensing to attach to pole lines or occupy underground conduit owned by the incumbent utilities.  Dennis served as Verizon’s Maine License Administrator for several years, working to license pole and conduit space for hundreds of communications projects across Maine.  This assignment also included overseeing reimbursable projects…both for damage and custom rearrangement of company plant.

Dennis has also been active with special projects that extend beyond traditional engineering assignments.  While at Verizon, he was involved in managing and implementing several technical projects to move engineers from manual methods to computer-based technologies.  As a consultant, his projects include database maintenance, broadband installation and computer and networking services.

Hands-on opportunities occurred during several labor strikes that required management personnel to fill union roles.  Dennis took every advantage of these opportunities to learn the nuts-and-bolts of the industry, from line construction and cable splicing to voice and data installation and equipment configuration.

These varied experiences positioned Dennis well to understand and build what his client needs.  He continually draws on these resources to plan, design, coordinate and construct their communications projects.  Contact curtisWorks now to help you succeed with your project!